Burning Bluray on Mac

I have had some success today burning a Bluray on a Mac using a Samsung SE-506AB/TSWD BD burner. The workflow was relatively easy. The Samsung was plugged directly into the Mac (running OSX 10.7.5). No drivers were necessary at all, it just connected.

Using Final Cut Pro 7, we dropped the H.264 mov file onto the timeline and then went to SHARE. At this point you can see the Bluray option and select the device itself. You can set up some rudimentary menus, ie auto play on start up or a menu.

Then just burn the disc. If you don’t have a Bluray hardware player, you can test it in VLC on the Mac. All in all a good route with no additional software needed.

If like us you’ve abandoned FCP for Premiere, it’s still handy to have a machine kicking around that runs FCP7.