Digital Citizen

The digital city is a complex set of layers and behaviours. Digital Citizenship has developed as a framework of ideas and assets led by government ideas of civic models, often driven by desires for efficiency or economic effect. But of course people remain a central force in shaping the places around them and smart technologies expand this yet more.

Digital Citizen (Close and Remote, 2013/14) was a series of projects across Lewisham in 2013/14, inviting a range of participants to examine what smart behaviours might work alongside smart technologies. We expect more questions than answers:

What does it mean to be a Digital Citizen in the 21st century?
How can new technologies change the way we navigate the city?
What impact has social media had on the way we communicate?
What responsibilities do we have in the way we consume and produce data?

The project included Assisted History –  re-styling historical ‘blue plaques’ to create interactive digital nodes (‘micro-plaques’) which use the technology we have in our pockets to unlock the hidden histories of Lewisham. Working with street residents and local community groups, the project explored the social and political narratives behind street names. Smart City Talks – a series of talks at some of the concerns of the Digital Citizen. And Smart City Lab – an intensive week long lab with Lewisham based artists and creatives.

Funded by Arts Council England and supported by Deptford Lounge.