Google will make us free

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“In a performance involving a variety of social media, a video produced in transit to the conference, and members of the audience, Simon Poulter directly questioned the various ways in which the apparent mundanity of everyday life demands our attention. The mix of familiar media, the physical presence of the performer and the ongoing stream of content from the social network Twitter places both demands on the attention of the audience and of the performer, which challenged the conventions of the conference space, apparently acceptable behaviour and the way in which such work can or should be documented.” (Sam Kinsley.)

The videos below introduce the idea of the ‘society of no spectacle’ as everything is recorded and tagged. Stiegler frames the idea of the attention economy; another way of saying the same thing. Competition for attention in the age of no spectacle is the thing in itself. The notes were prepared as a list of concerns that were apparent in the society of no spectacle.

Collaboration with University of West of England

Google as a new political system
Technological determinism and human agency, leading to techno-impotence and emasculation
China as a third way ecomony
The power of information control and the ‘platform’
Technological tools are not neutral, although the way in which they are represented to the market is.
Where are the information centres of the future?
In what place is the world’s knowledge kept?
Technological determinism and lust – techno-lust
The fetishisation of the market-place
Memory allocation (human) how we no longer need to remember
How travel in terms of space and time is compressed
Data-visualisation as porn
The beauty and destruction of propaganda
Where is nature in the cloud?
Narcosis of the online experience (servitude/technarcosis)
Information saturation
Attention deficit disorder!
Creating a profile – FACEBOOK etc
Extraordinary rendition