Here Comes Everybody

Here Comes Everybody (Close and Remote, 2013/14) is a mass adventure using digital technology where four legs are good, two wheels are better and everyone is home by teatime. James Joyce meets Enid Blyton via Philip K Dick as Close and Remote journeyed down the River Pool in Lewisham, capturing aural and optical data via mass observation events to producing smart propaganda for this area of outstanding urban beauty.

During the summer of 2013, we staged a series of public events at River Pool Linear Park, introducing the idea of User Generated Surveillance using spy cameras, remote control helicopters, hidden microphones, mini-frigates and bicycles to explore and record the surroundings from multiple points of view.

Here Comes Everybody developed into an app for iPhone and Android and uses GPS to locate a new narrative down the River Pool. Starting at the the Lower Sydenham end of the walk on Southend Lane, the listener encounters a series of 12 chapters, in the form of an intimate narrative, reflecting on personal freedom in the age of social media. The two central characters, HCE and ALP are drawn from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, each walking along the river towards their own destinies.

We have worked with artist Peter Cusack to record sounds of the River Pool creating a serendipitous new work. The narration is by Shereen Elizabeth and Cormac Faulkner.

An accompanying installation has been devised at the end of the walk at the bridge where the rivers Ravensbourne and Pool meet.

You can listen to Here Comes Everybody: