For ‘Science Fiction: New Death’ at FACT (27 March – 22 June 2014), we (Close and Remote) remapped Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker onto Bidston Moss: a landfill site on the Wirral, which now serves as a nature reserve. Tarkovsky’s seminal film (inspired by 1971 science fiction novel Roadside Picnic) describes a journey into ‘The Zone’, a place where individual desires can be realised.

During April – May 2014 we invited a series of visitors to join us on a trip to the Zone, where they connected with their inner thoughts and desires, whilst moving inside a film set.  The sound and video collected on the walks was presented as part of an unfolding installation at FACT, which included a map of the Zone and its artefacts. The artwork explores the way in which we now move through space and time as social media agents, roving, recording and then seeking attention.

“Visitor and her group discover a series of messages leaking from underneath the Zone. The voices of Bill Shankley, Margaret Thatcher, Geoffrey Howe and Peter Taafe suggest that the Zone is no longer a dormant mass but a living data archive. Mad Dog Saliva, managed decline and the sounds of an ice cream van emerge from The Lake…”


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Zone is a new FACT commission developed with the support of The Mersey Forest.